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Tym Palmlund
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name's Rixks, and I'm an amateur artist looking to hone his skills in a medium that I'm quite fond of. I drew off and on over the years, but now I'm taking it head on!

Current residence: Spokane, WA - The most beautiful, and most boring place in the inland northwest.

Favorite musical genre: 80's and 90's hits including early grunge/grunge/grunge metal, along with video game/anime soundtracks.

Favorite art styles: Anime, Realism, Conceptual, Provocative, Anthro

Operating system: Windows 7, because that's all I have on the computers that I use. And Macs suck.

MP3 Player: Zune...because screw your indie fads.

Favorite ficitional/cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Personal Quote: The only person in your way is you.
Jeez Louise! I haven't posted anything in word form for months! Anyway, there's been a ton of different things happening within that time period that I'll briefly cover some of what's been happening:

- Obviously the release of Pokemon Bank was delayed, and that drove me insane since I wanted to bring all my bros to Gen 6, not to mention my 6IV Ditto that use for breeding--which is piss easy now, btw. Got that taken care of, but in lieu of that driving me up the wall the following happened.

- Discovered my biological dad is alive and kickin'; he's just been under the radar for a long time, but unbeknownst to me he made a LinkedIn page and my mother who was on the same boat with him in Holyloch, Scotland had contacted prior crew members to track him down a month a month before I knew about it. I had made myself known to him and his spouse, which in response I was promptly blocked on my facebook account. He contacted me on my LI page and I responded a few days after receiving a message, believing I was never gonna hear from the man. No response since then, so no skin off my nose.

- I've been devoting a lot of my time to honing my skills as opposed to posting whatever I begin to draw. Focused practice helps tons, but I'm still trying to manage not to overwork or overwhelm myself in the process. I'd say my progress has gained a bit of traction. I've also learned to be confident in what I draw--it may not be where I want in terms of quality and detail, but it'll get there. May will be a solid year I have spent drawing; and a reminder to keep going to increase the possibility of bigger and better things.

- Oh yes, finished my Pokedex in X version, and I breed Pokemon. 'Cuz it's fun.

That's all for now. :P
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  • Eating: Getting to it! Garlic & Herb Alfredo Mac n' Cheese

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I'm your third watcher apparently. *dance*
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I guess so! :P
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I do. Except I haven't used it in awhile, since my gaming computer died about a year ago. I should have access to one soon, though.
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Around this time of year, People get together and celebrate the holidays. People smile and laugh and enjoy the company of those they love. But some lack the joy in the holidays, For several reasons. I believe everyone deserves to smile this holiday, I know you and others may be missing out and need a lil pick me up, So heres my thanks to you for staying strong! Happy holidays my friend! You deserve to be happy! -Tricky
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Thank you for the consideration. I appreciate it!
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Hello. I noticed you started watching me. It's rare that I get people who actually like the stuff I put out.
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